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This is a help-me-album! Please help out with your thoughts and recommendations on the interior decoration issue.

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Hi, our hallway is an unfinished project..does anyone have any good ideas on how to decorate it? about 18ft and 4ft width. the bigger tiles on the floor are matt grey and then just white walls and ceiling with inbuilt spots. we have a kid so durable things but not too fancy..

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decoration, inspiration, hallway, hall, entrance, storage

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Allie, 2009-08-13

A big mirror in a rustic dark wooden frame to warm it up a little?, 2009-06-28

A wall treatment is a good idea for adding interest since you have little to no floorspace to spare. What is that large piece hanging on the wall? It looks pretty cool.

I would add a very textured runner in a solid color to warm the space up and paint the walls a warm neutral. Then treat it sort of like a gallery with interesting things on the wall.


jessesgirl, 2009-05-08

Hi! Wow, the possibilities are endless depending on your style. I saw this hallway on Design Sponge yesterday & it looks incredible.


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