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Kid friendly breakfast nook

I Created by malin, 2009-04-25


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We decided to create a little corner in the kitchen for our kid instead of using the big dining table every meal - and this is a perfect table solution from ikea with round corners that you attach to the wall. So simple and takes up no space underneath so it becomes easy to clean. Cost about 75 dollars i think. When we did the floors we decided to go with light bigger tiles instead of the original wood floors. We put a baby chair from BRIO next to the table and i think it looks neat for being a kids chair, more design like then those bigger bulkier ones..

Image 1 - ikea vika, table, brio baby chair, tiles


ikea vika, table, brio baby chair, tiles, kitchen nook, kid friendly

Image 2


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paulaB, 2009-12-30

im showing my sister this type of floor. so p[ractical but stylish.


richard, 2009-12-30

smart solution


anna, 2009-12-28

thanx for a perfect example. the kids breakfast table now makes me go crazy in the morning. i will go to ikea and get a table like this pronto.


sinceriously, 2009-12-19

i love your "nook". reminds me of the restaurant in The Standard hotel in Los Angeles.


jamie, 2009-06-02

love the way your "nook" looks! couldn't help noticing your cool vacuum cleaner - at least i think that's what it is. any info on it...?

malin responded 2009-06-02:

its an elecrolux..think it was called "ergo" something. it comes in different colors and i think they might make it still, mine is some years old.


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