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I Created by caroline, 2009-05-11


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Here are some pics of my new apartment in NYC. i love to mix things from stockholm, paris and the US so it feels personal and "homey" - but still elegant.

Image 1 - painting, paris, tassels, pottery barn

i like to add something red to give the room some spark. this painting i got from an artstore on rue vielle de temple in paris some years ago and decided to put it above my red table from pottery Barn and then i just added separate tassels to make it more personal and playful. The decorative plate is from ABC Carpet and Home i think.


painting, paris, tassels, pottery barn, abc carpet and home, vogue, elle, america's art, family photos

Image 2 - lampshade, jonathan adler, bull, golden frame

another painting from some art store in Paris and then my favorite black lamp from Jonathan Adler


lampshade, jonathan adler, bull, golden frame, paris, france

Image 3 - bedroom, bed, pillows, stripes

i chose light colors in beige, silk and greyish blue for the bedroom. i really like the wallpaper instead of just paint. Pillows i got from ABC carpet and home, lamps jonathan adler and nightstands and bedframe from good old pottery barn..


bedroom, bed, pillows, stripes, pottery barn, bedframe, nightstand, bedspread, textiles, fabrics, wallpaper

Image 4 - side lamp, svenskt tenn, elephants, pattern

my favorite view...


side lamp, svenskt tenn, elephants, pattern, manhattan skyline, josef frank

Image 5 - sweden



Image 6 - living room, peonies, curtains, fresh flowers

i didnt want the curtains to block out the light so i chose sheer organza ones- from harry zarin fabrics


living room, peonies, curtains, fresh flowers, organza, harry zarin fabrics

Image 7 - bedroom



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paulaB, 2009-12-30

great pics


kathy2, 2009-12-29

gorgeous mix!


arvid, 2009-08-19

Wow! I wanna see more


sophie, 2009-08-13

Beautiful home. So tastefully done and fun. smart idea with the tassels.


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