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1950's rambler

Image 1 - 1950's rambler

This is our 1957 rambler (blandler, as we call it). It is indeed very bland but it grows on you. We just moved in and have a lot more work to do but here is some of what we've done so far...


1950's rambler

Image 2 - living room before renovation

This is our living room and dining area before the renovation. Mint green carpet and yellow walls everywhere...


living room before renovation

Image 3

Old living room before the renovation.


Image 4 - modern living room

Living room after the renovation. We tore out all of the carpet and painted the walls an off white throughout the house. The house is pretty small and we thought one base color throughout might make it look a little more open/bigger. The hardwood floors make the room seem twice as big but they still need to be re-finished.
We used non-toxic paint from AFM Safecoat. There was no odor and no headaches.


modern living room

Image 5 - modern glass table

This is a cheapo glass table we bought online from some Chinese place in NY. It was $100 but looks like it was 10x that. We have a small livingroom and I wanted something see-through to take 'weight' off the room.


modern glass table

Image 6 - dining room

Dining area after the renovation.


dining room

Image 7

Kid's room before we moved in.


Image 8 - color-washing walls, kid's room

I did it: I color-washed a wall! I know it's probably very 2002 but I've always wanted to try this and thought a kid's room could take it. I decided to color-wash an accent wall only. It is a tiny room and too much color would have been overpowering. It turned out very nicely. We used non-toxic paint from YOLO. All I did was dunk a rag into the orange paint and then I smeared it all over the wall. There is also a little orange hand print on white hidden in the low right corner.


color-washing walls, kid's room

Image 9 - kid's room, non-toxic carpet

This is the other corner of the kid's room. We used FLOR undyed, 100% wool carpet tiles.


kid's room, non-toxic carpet

Image 10

This is our bedroom before the renovation. It doesn't look bad from a distance but there were three layers of wallpaper and paint underneath the blue. Also, the carpet was about 20 years old with lots of cat hair everywhere.


Image 11 - accent wall

This is the 'after' photo of the bedroom. We're not done decorating it but we painted the room an off-white and painted an accent wall in 'sage'. It doesn't really come out in this photo but the color looks fantastic and complements the off-white really well. We used YOLO non-toxic paint for this wall and we can highly recommend it.


accent wall

Image 12 - bedroom

Also another 'after' picture of the off white walls and hardwood floors (we tore out the 'cat' carpet).



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sinceriously, 2009-12-20

i just wanted to say that i think you did a great job with your home!


kendall, 2009-06-02

Love the color washed wall. How long did it take you to do it?

nicjones_2000 responded 2009-06-03:

Hi, It was really easy and took about an hour. Let me know if you need info on how to do it. Nicole


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