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I Created by kendall, 2009-05-27


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This is a help-me-album! Please help out with your thoughts and recommendations on the interior decoration issue.

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one photo of my living room.

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living room

Image 1 - living room

need as many suggestions as I can to present to my boyfriend. cost is an issue.




living room

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StyleRoom's members love to read your comments! Sign up or log in to comment., 2009-06-28

The recessed area beneath the cabinet is awkward. Consider framing it in with plywood on the right side and adding a few shelves. Then move your television to that space and re-orient the furniture toward it. The rug is not enhancing your space. Remove it or replace it with something more plush and colorful. I love what you did with the aqua paint inside the existing shelves! Carry that aqua hue around the room as an accent. Maybe look for that color to be in the new rug. Your guitar could become an interesting accent if hung on the wall using an inexpensive guitar rack. Good luck!


sinceriously, 2009-06-02

Get rid of the rug and paint the walls a light grey. That'll get the ball rolling and it's inexpensive!


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