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I Created by filipa, 2009-05-27


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This is a help-me-album! Please help out with your thoughts and recommendations on the interior decoration issue.

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one photo of my hallway

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Image 1 - hallway

any quick and CHEAP tips on how to make this hallway look better?





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julie, 2009-12-28

like how you placed the photoframes


designergal85, 2009-08-31

I agree with the last post, you should definitely play up those beautiful moldings. I think wallpaper in a large graphic print would look fantastic and add a little drama to this small space., 2009-06-28

Hi filipa. You have wonderful mouldings. They would stand out more with a contrasting color on the walls. You don't need to go too dark. I think that a medium taupe would look great. I agree with the other comment about something taller in that corner. A single tall piece would be nice. Or maybe a small bench with a vertical arrangement of artwork above it, either one tall piece, or add 4 more frames to your current arrangement. As for a bench, look at thrift stores and garage sales for something with the right size and shape, then paint it a surprising color. Taupe walls, white trim, and a deep plum or even turquoise blue bench would look very gallery-like. Good luck!


lisa, 2009-06-02

I love your plant but I would suggest getting something taller to stand in the corner. Like a wood cabinet.


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