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One Bedroom Apartment -The Bedroom

I Created by christine, 2009-08-14


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Album updated 2009-08-16

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Album description:

this is my pretty narrow bedroom but it has inbuilt closets on both sides which is great. the lamp is a brown organza lamp that i found in an indian store and the bed-cover is an ikea one in brown-beige until i can get the Missoni-one blanket that i love...The side lamps base is made of glass with a top in organza too.

Image 1 - lamp, bedroom, organza, bedcover


lamp, bedroom, organza, bedcover, ikea, missoni

Image 2


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alex, 2010-01-10

pics a bit blury but like the colors


rose, 2009-12-21

i really like your overhead light!


Allie, 2009-12-19

and the wooden floors look nice too


Allie, 2009-08-16

you really made it look cozy in such a narrow space. nice! love that you went with darker shades on the lamp- gives the room character i think/Allie

christine responded 2009-08-16:

thank you. its not completely done up yet but im getting there...


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