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I Created by allhailjr, 2009-08-26


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Album updated 2009-08-28

Added another kitchen pic.

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Image 1 - dining

Dining. Mexican restaurant yellow walls.



Image 2 - living room, Dzama, Mathis Brothers

Living room with Dzama knock-off prints


living room, Dzama, Mathis Brothers

Image 3 - entry

Entry, with pet pictures. Never again with the red paint.



Image 4 - kitchen

Kitchen. Bad angle.



Image 5 - kitchen, Eeyore, ikea, Boos Block

Different angle on the kitchen. The wall color is called Eeyore. Kid room color but looked pretty cool. Malachi the dog digs it.


kitchen, Eeyore, ikea, Boos Block

Image 6 - window treatments

Doesn't quite capture the details of these Roman shades. But we have the Roman shades throughout the house. Love 'em.


window treatments

Image 7 - paint, carpet

Very nice new pale blue paint up the stairs and down this hallway (we didn't paint the dog).

As you can see, the carpet that came with the place look hideous. Probably wood floors in a year or so. Anyone have good or bad luck with bamboo flooring?


paint, carpet

Image 8 - bookshelf, window treatments

Gorgeous oak mod book shelf built by father-in-law. I came to him with a knock-off idea and he came up with this original idea instead. Probably would look better if it held something more than DVDs.

Also, a nice detail to the Roman Shade in the background. We actually liked the color more than we liked the paisley pattern, so the shade was constructed with using the back of the material. So now you only see a quiet paisley pattern when light shines through from the outside.


bookshelf, window treatments

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manuelomarg, 2010-05-10

Cool pictures! reminds me of :)


paulaB, 2010-01-06

i love your home!!!


kathy2, 2009-12-30

nice warm home!


jade, 2009-12-22

i love your home!


christine, 2009-08-26

if you are tired of "colorful" colors i think it would look nice with a warmer white on the walls- i think there is a tone they call Nantucket white in paint stores that looks really nice. It works well with the darker wood you have too.


carla, 2009-08-26

I read you dont like the red color anymore but i like warmer colors. where did you get the cool bookshelf and the kitchen island (looking for something like that for my kitchen makeover)?/carla

allhailjr responded 2009-08-26:

Carla, the problem with the red was the 5 coats of paint it took to get even. Since then I've been told by pro painters that red and black are the absolute worst. I like the red; just hire a pro to do it for you.

The bookshelf is from Mathis Brothers (if you can handle the idiot salespeople, I think it was only about $40). And, believe it or not, the island is Ikea with a Boos Block set on top and brass hooks screwed into the side to hold the measuring cups. The whole thing is solid, fits well into our small kitchen, and no one will believe it's Ikea.

carla responded 2009-08-26:

Thanx for the info! you are right- not in a million years would i think it was ikea. /C

allhailjr responded 2009-08-26:

Even fooled the dog. And he's the real style snob.


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