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I Created by Finn, 2009-08-26


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This is a help-me-album! Please help out with your thoughts and recommendations on the interior decoration issue.

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I like a mid-century modern look. Remodeled entire house except this huge ugly thing.

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We want to keep the wood burning stove..maybe paint it? Since it's the entire back wall I don't think painting the rock is the answer. Please help! Kinda a limited budget and my Husband is burnt out on remodeling for awhile since we've been doing it for 8 years.


Image 2

just a pic of my front room so you can get an idea of my style.


Image 3

Just painted my door from black to yellow and love it. But my porch was painted gray and the paint has been peeling since we moved in. I was thinking about tiling it? What color?


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Tom, 2009-08-26

you should also ask the lady who has posted pictures under the name inspiredroomdesign here. she seems to have great solutions.

Finn responded 2009-08-26:

Thanks for the suggestion.


christine, 2009-08-26

maybe you dont like the idea at all, but i think a coat of white (you have to ask in a store for the right type of paint obviously) on the stone wall would look so nice, and it would but more focus on the stove. your decorative things on the shelves would be shown much better too.My sister has kids like you seem to have and they out in this really cheap fake wood floor/laminat (they used a pretty dark brown tone)and its so durable and looks just like the real thing these days. i just think it would lift the room so much.Both these things you could change yourself without professionals, the floor is just like a click system i think. just an idea though.


sophie, 2009-08-26

thats a really cool kind a 50's bureau you got. i liked that you painted the door yellow - it really pops out. i would almost think it could be cool with a turqoise type of tiles for your porch or if not, at least some big ceramic pots outside on the stairs in that tone. there is a house in Maine posted on this site where they had turqoise pots outside a grey house and it look so nice.


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