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Interior decoration albums for dining room (4)


living room/dining room

Photos of my living room and dining room.
Tags: living room, dining room
By: rose | Number of images:3 | Created: 2009-06-01 | Updated: 2009-08-14



Tags: dining room, living room, entry, kitchen
By: allhailjr | Number of images:8 | Created: 2009-08-26 | Updated: 2009-08-28

dining room,table,svenskt tenn,wood panel walls,grandfather clock

dining room

my dining room.
Tags: dining room table, credenza, grandfather clock
By: ruth | Number of images:2 | Created: 2009-04-23 | Updated: 2009-12-16

1950's rambler

Minnesota Rambler

Tags: 1950's rambler
By: nicjones_2000 | Number of images:12 | Created: 2009-05-12 | Updated: 2009-06-02

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