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Interior decoration albums for mirror (4)

entrance hallway alcove

Tags: alcove, orient, mirror
By: ruth | Number of images:1 | Created: 2009-04-24 | Updated: 2009-04-24



here are some pics from our last renovation of a tight spaced bath room. We got rid of a bulky bathtub they had put in and chose a shower with rain shower head instead and a thick glass shower door...
Tags: tiles, mosaic, rain shower head, glass shower wall, wc, mirror, spotlights, sink, cupboard, walnut, renovation, compact living
By: malin | Number of images:6 | Created: 2009-04-24 | Updated: 2009-08-14

mirror,lights,italian mirror,custom made light fixture

Guest Bathroom

Guest bathroom.
Tags: bathroom
By: marissa | Number of images:4 | Created: 2009-05-26 | Updated: 2009-08-13

cane furniture,guestroom with balcony


In the bigger guest room i ve used a lot of furniture in white cane- headboard, mirror frame, table etc. Gives a warm and summery feeling. All paintings are by a local artist.
Tags: cane furniture, guest bedroom
By: maggie | Number of images:2 | Created: 2009-08-24 | Updated: 2009-08-24

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