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Interior decoration albums for tiles (4)



Hi, our hallway is an unfinished project..does anyone have any good ideas on how to decorate it? about 18ft and 4ft width. the bigger tiles on the floor are matt grey and then just white walls and ...
Tags: decoration help, hall, hallway, spots, spotlights, tiles, white, greys, storage, interior design, entrance
By: sinceriously | Number of images:2 | Created: 2009-04-23 | Updated: 2009-05-08



here are some pics from our last renovation of a tight spaced bath room. We got rid of a bulky bathtub they had put in and chose a shower with rain shower head instead and a thick glass shower door...
Tags: tiles, mosaic, rain shower head, glass shower wall, wc, mirror, spotlights, sink, cupboard, walnut, renovation, compact living
By: malin | Number of images:6 | Created: 2009-04-24 | Updated: 2009-08-14

gas stove,tiles,tap


This is the kitchen in white and country-side style.the tiles are white and blue and looks a little french inspired.
Tags: kitchen, tiles, french, country-side
By: maggie | Number of images:3 | Created: 2009-08-22 | Updated: 2009-08-22

ikea vika,table,brio baby chair,tiles,kitchen nook,kid friendly

Kid friendly breakfast nook

We decided to create a little corner in the kitchen for our kid instead of using the big dining table every meal - and this is a perfect table solution from ikea with round corners that you attach ...
Tags: kid friendly breakfast nook, brio toy, brio chair
By: malin | Number of images:2 | Created: 2009-04-25 | Updated: 2009-06-02

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